A short tour into the natural hydrogen research history.






Vladimir Larin expresses his views on the planet Earth formation and global distribution of chemical elements for the first time





First paper “On the Hydrogen Role in Earth Composition and Development“ published by Vladimir Larin on the subject of hydrogen governing the planet evolution processes





Dr. Larin publishes the paper “The Primordially Hydridic Earth – The New Global Concept.” The PHE Concept is officially formalized




1976 – 1984

Papers and articles published on the subject of planet Earth and Solar System cosmogony,  geochemical composition and development history. Geosynclines’ and orogenic belts’ development model




“The Hypothesis”: The educational movie about Dr. V. Larin and the PHE Concept: https://youtu.be/ebrxLNfotBA 





The natural hydrogen deep drilling initiative by the Academy of Science of the USSR gets noticed by the Oil & Gas Journal




The Academy of Science of the USSR holds the multi-disciplinary meeting on drilling a 10-12km deep well with the purpose of examining the PHE concept postulates. The ultimate goal is to identify and to assess a hydrogen conducting structure in the continental rifting zone





Dr. V. Larin’s Hydridic Earth manuscript co-authored by C. Warren Hunt published in Canada




First attempt to commercialize the PHE Concept. Lembinort Marketing Ltd. established by Dr. V. Larin, N. Larin, V. Vidavskiy





“Our Earth” book by Dr. V. Larin published in Moscow



http://hydrogen-future.com website goes live



2007 – 2008

Two field seasons in Israel. MT survey. Two conductive structures identified




Dr. V. Larin, N. Larin postulate the natural hydrogen role in forming concentric depressions, most recently dubbed as “fairy circleshttp://hydrogen-future.com/en/list-c-phenomen-en/76-page-id-6-en.html 




2008 – 2018

Natural hydrogen exploration methods development and commercialization. Field exploration in Russia, Israel, USA, Morocco, Mongolia, Oman, India, Egypt




First deep exploration well drilled by the Dr. V. Larin’s group specifically for natural hydrogen in Nebraska, USA

Dr. Vladimir Larin dies in Moscow, Russia





Tribute to Dr. V. Larin: Our Earth book translated into English




Avalio entity established in Perth, WA Australia to continue working on the PHE concept commercialization






First soil gas testing results obtained on the customer’s license acreage in Western Australia. Several readings were over the detection range of >2,000ppm H2, the highest from the top soil layer (<1m deep) in Australia to the date

The journey continues… 

  • Sat imagery, remote sensing data
  • Radiometrics data
  • Seismic applications
  • Soil gas detection field campaigns
  • Soil sample degassing lab
  • Isotopic Geochemistry, Gas Chromatography
  • Drone based sensing methods
  • Hydrogeology studies
  • Appraisal and assessment criterion
  • H2 resources development scenarios and technologies