We try being realistically modest when describing our capabilities. This is why we cite our customers precisely, word to word.



“For the first time in my extensive practice, the structure prognosis was 100% confirmed by our data interpretation the way it was predicted by the geologists.”-  Head of Research, Leading contractor in geophysical data acquisition



“I lost the bet to these guys over the natural hydrogen concentrations in the area!” – Director of Mining Exploration, National Office of Hydrocarbons and Mines, Country in North Africa





“Amazing!” – Head of Geological Survey, Nebraska, in response to the first natural hydrogen well drilling results




“Before these guys stepped in our office, we have never given a thought to the natural hydrogen subject. Now, a year later, we know about it much more than we would have ever know without them.” – Mineral/Petroleum license holder in Western Australia






“You cracked the natural hydrogen code!” – Natural hydrogen license holder in South Australia







“I wonder why this thought has never crossed our mind…” – CSIRO Natural Hydrogen group member, WA