Combined, we have over 65 years of experience in natural hydrogen and about 35 years in the upstream Oil and Gas. 

Vitaly Vidavskiy

Nikolay Larin

Vladimir Vidavskiy


MSc, Geology and Geochemistry, Lomonosov Moscow State University (1993). First introduced to the PHE concept and the Natural Hydrogen subject in 1985. Worked as the Executive Director for Dr. V. Larin’s group in 2004 – 2009.  After the long and successful career in Oil and Gas upstream, switched to the Natural Hydrogen research and exploration in 2020.

Translated Dr. V. Larin’s Our Earth (2005) book into English.

Currently, on a PhD program with the Curtin University in Belmont, WA.

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Ph. +61(0) 447 934 128

Chief Geoscientist

MSc, Geology and Petrology, Lomonosov Moscow State University (1993). Involved in the development of the PHE concept since early 1980s. Assisted Dr. V. Larin in his research, co-authored a number of papers published on the subject. Possesses fundamental expertise on Natural Hydrogen generation, degassing, and manifestations on the surface.

Developed a number of Natural Hydrogen exploration sampling and testing techniques, patented several probing tools. Played a key role in drilling the first Natural Hydrogen exploration well in Nebraska, USA in 2018.

Currently, on a PhD program with the Schmidt Earth Physics Institute in Moscow, Russia.

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MSc, Geology, Lomonosov Moscow State University (2011). Gained substantial practical experience while working for the major international companies in upstream Petroleum as well as in Mineral resources. Worked on a number of field and office assignments with the Russian state-run Karpinsky Pan-Russian Geology Institute.

Spent several seasons working with Dr. V. Larin’s group in the field. Have been assisting with the desktop studies as well as with the field data interpretation and analysis.

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