HighTemp Facility

– Waste incineration in the main reactor at 1,600°C. Particles size ~100 mm particles (Optionally, a bulk load facility design is offered)

– Gaseous phase after-burned at 1,800°C. All POPs are de-composed completely, with next to zero chances for re-formation due to fast cooling of Flue Gases

Energy recovery through the standard industrial processes (boilers, turbines)

– Excessive Steam energy could be used for District Heating or other purposes

– Simplified design and lower investment in End-of-Pipe (EOP) Flue Gas Cleaning (Air Quality Control) systems

– Low chances of Nitrogen Oxides NОx formation – No Need for EOP DeNOX facilities

– Non-toxic and solid vitrified Slag, with all the hazardous constituents safely encapsulated – could be used as construction material

Metals are extracted separately and could be easily recuperated 

– Oil sludge and others Hydrocarbon residuals e.g. PCBs are acceptable 

– Optional design additions for Toxic, Hospital, and other waste incineration

– Optional Extra Hi-Temp Hyper-Burner ensures 99,9999% destruction of PCDD/F and other POPs