High temperature valorization of biohaz, medical, and hospital waste

We are pleased to propose Mobile Cyclone unit for Hydrocarbon- and Chlorine containing medicines, BioHAZ, Hospital, and chemical waste valorization. The proposed unit operational principle is capable of recycling various Pharma, BioHAZ, and Hospital waste including heat resistant syringe and dropper needles, as well as tempered glassware (ampoules etc.), and other medical lab vessels. The feedstock is melted in carboniferous flux fusion.  The pollutants are vitrified in the resulting slag and are being transferred into chemically neutral (inert) substances. Molten metal and slag are periodically released from the furnace tap-holes into the molds, to form slabs. 

The resulting Syngas may be utilized for the enterprise’s own needs, such as heating or electricity generation (Gas Piston engine is recommended).