Cement Clinker Production


  • AFFORDABILITY: Relatively small initial investment
  • SMALL SCALE: Small raw materials’ deposits suitability e.g. Limestone, clay, chalk, Dolomites, Bauxite
  • PRUDENCE: Quarry dumps usability (wastes 0-5mm)
  • INFRASTRUCTURE: New power lines are NOT needed
  • POWER RECOVERY: Flue gases’ heat utilization for power generation, both for own needs and for Sale-to-Grid
  • LOGISTICS: Reducing cement delivery leg – Saving on transport, storage, and fuel
  • SYNERGY: Only cement clinker production plant is going to be built. Clinker milling can be done at existing facilities
  • FLEXIBILITY: The clinker plant may be quickly re-programmed to manufacture expensive and rare cement brands if needed


  1. No rotating parts
  2. Metal consumption is lower
  3. Greater efficiency with less energy required
  4. Additional homogenization (mixing) of raw flour while melting
  5. No need for thorough homogenization (mixing)
  6. Fineness of grinding is not critical (up to 1.0 mm)
  7. High quality clinker because of melting (not firing or sintering)